Yojna PFMS

"Yojna PFMS" is a Scheme & project fund based accounting & monitoring software, integrated with physical and financial monitoring , specially designed and developed to meet the requirement of organization in government and development sector.

* Financial monitoring

* Budgeting  

* Project/Works Based Monitoring

* Fund Based software with separate Books of accounts for each scheme/yojna/project .

* Provision to add n number of new scheme/fund & components/activities & heads of accounts.

* A web enabled software for accounting of financial transaction for various level like(state/circle/division/cluster/villages)

* No consolidation and data merging.

* ERP for capacity building programs and its integration with the financial books.

* Monthly Expenditure Report With Budgets for monitoring both physical and financial progress .

* Scheme wise Annual/periodical Statement of Receipt and Payment Account

* Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet.

* Schedule of assets created during the year.

* Automatic Bank Reconciliation.

* Pivot Table & Audit Tick facility for CAs.

* Integrated pay roll, HR & TDS Modules.

* Inbuilt tools for MIS.

* Inbuilt feature of physical and financial linkages.

* Accrual and double entry based accounting.