Yojna M-cash book

A mobile based scheme fund accounting and monitoring solution integrated with cloud based Reporting & MIS Tool Yojnaerp.

Designed and developed Yojna M-Cash Book is simple yet effective. It is dedicated end to end software unlike the popular standard software which are do it all software.

Yojna M-Cash Book encompasses the feature of accounting and monitoring both physical and financial at one place.

Yojna M-Cash Book is based on Double Entry based accounting concept, however it do not require any traditional voucher entry to maintain books.

A web based solution is available for Monitoring.

This can be easily integrated with other MIS software of Central and State Government.

M-Cashbook is having following broad features:

  • Cashless payment & fees receipt.
  • Mobile Based accounting with integrated cloud based reporting & MIS.
  • Component & Head Wise Monitoring of physical progress as well as financial performance.
  • Component & Head Wise consolidated Monthly Expenditure Report (MER) with budgets.
  • Fund wise Financial Position, Annual/periodical Statements of Receipt and Payment Account, Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet etc.
  • Fund wise Utilization Certificate.
  • Easy Integration with other MIS software of Central and State Government.
  • Desired physical reports like attendance, health data, inspections etc.
  • E-Audit facility.